Thursday, 18 October 2007

12,300 new union members

For the first time in five years, the number of trade union members in the Netherlands has increased. ABVAKABO FNV is still losing members, but has ambitious plans to turn the tide. “We purposely set an ambitious target”.
Total membership is now 1,878,200, an increase of 12,300 since last year, according to new data published by Netherlands Statistics. FNV-affiliated unions are responsible for most of the growth, partly due to successful recruitment among women and the self-employed. They now have 1,181,800 members, an increase of 10,700 since last year.
Unions affiliated to the Christian CNV lost some 6,500 members; cadre union MHP won 6,700 and the other confederations won 1,300.
Public sector union ABVAKABO FNV is still losing members. The union is restructuring, slashing some ninety jobs. One department is set to grow though: the marketing department. In addition, the union wants a stronger workplace presence and wants to develop services including career advice, personal coaching, assistance for job seekers and mobility centres at companies that are restructuring.
The ambition is to grow from 350,000 to 400,000 members between now and 2010. “We purposely set an ambitious target”, President Edith Snoey recently told Binnenlands Bestuur.
Netherlands Statistics, Volkskrant (in Dutch)

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