Sunday, 28 October 2007

Unilever strikers launch websites

Unilever employees are on strike to protest against the decision to close three factories in the Netherlands. Unsatisfied with how the media report on the strike, they have launched a number of websites with reports, photos and videos.
“Our arguments are often omitted”, FNV Bondgenoten’s Lucas Vermaat said. “Sometimes it is so superficial, or it focuses on marginal issues such as the Hema sausage”. Hema has always kept the producer of its famous sausages a secret, but as a result of the strike it became clear that they are produced by Unox.
Yesterday, media reported that cherished products including Hema sausages and CalvĂ© peanut butter are becoming scarce as a result of the strike, but they also quoted an employee saying: “It is not about the sausages, it is about the future of thousands of people!”
According to FNV Bondgenoten, the closures are unnecessary. The company’s profits would be close to 5 billion per year.

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