Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Campaign targets clients of cleaning companies

During the past week, companies and institutions including the University of Utrecht, the Schiphol Group, Nedtrain, ING, ABN AMRO and various ministries received surprise visits from delegations of cleaners. They were supported by immigrants’ organisations, churches, action groups and other sympathisers.
The visits are part of a campaign for decent pay and a respectful treatment by employers, launched on 17 November (see video, in Dutch). The companies and institutions, all major clients of cleaning companies, were asked to support these demands. So far, all declined, but the cleaners have announced that they will be back.


Phil BC said...

Just to let you know I've posted the email you sent out publicising the Union Renewal blog to my own. Hopefully other, larger UK left/pro-union blogs will pick it up too.

Dirkk said...

Many thanks!