Sunday, 25 November 2007

MSN fuels wildcat strike of schoolchildren

Last Friday, an anonymous call to action spread by MSN, email, social network website Hyves and other websites led to at least 37 local demos of secondary school children. The children protested against the obligation to have 1.040 hours of school per year, which they claim leads to schools giving them pointless assignments.
‘Today, Friday, strike after the short break. Everybody participates, so you will too!’ the message read. In Amsterdam, over a thousand children participated; in other cities, several hundreds.
In various cities, school children engaged in vandalism, throwing eggs at police and smashing windows. Police used their truncheons against them and made arrests. The National School Children Action Committee (LAKS) has filed a complaint with the Middelburg police for hitting protesting school children indiscriminately.
LAKS and teachers’ union AOb support the goals of the actions, but condemn the violence. There have been calls to strike again Monday, including one from the youth wing of green party GroenLinks.

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