Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Woman-to-woman organising

The American postal workers’ union APWU has signed up over seven thousand new members in an organising campaign planned by women, addressing work-life balance issues and pay inequality. Even though the campaign specifically targeted women, there were many men among the new members too.
“The APWU campaign focuses on the special needs of women postal workers”, said Northeast Regional Coordinator Liz Powell. “Women play an important role in the APWU, advancing the cause of women while fighting to make life better for all postal workers. We want women to reach out to female non-members, ‘woman-to-woman,’ and ask them to join.”
A letter was sent to all women who are not members, and campaigners set up tables at post offices to talk to women workers. They stressed that “the tools that help working women and men cope all are union-made: family and medical leave, the right to bid on the jobs that best suit women’s hectic schedules, the opportunity to use sick leave for dependent care, job security and family-supporting wages”.

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