Tuesday, 11 December 2007

America: How short-sighted can you be?

The trade union programme at Harvard Law School invited WageIndicator for a talk. The university wanted a group of students with trade union backgrounds to get to know the concept of the WageIndicator. The sturdy fire fighters in the Harvard programme immediately wanted a wage indicator for their own group. A wage indicator for fire fighters would show the wage differences between members and non-members for various states and cities. They immediately picked up on the WageIndicator concept as a way to make people see the advantages of being in a union. They also understood that if you reveal that the neighbours have higher wages, all wages will gradually go up.
The well-paid teachers in the same programme saw things quite differently. “Wage transparency? Are you mad? Everyone would find out how much we are making as unionised teachers”.
Fortunately, wage transparency is not something to be decided on by a handful of union members. Non-members can also fill out the American wage questionnaire and gain insight into their wages. [Contribution by Paulien Osse]

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