Sunday, 2 December 2007

Creative resistance among work bloggers

Suspicion about company language; contempt for management gurus, corporate rituals and training seminars; concern about the blurring boundaries between work and private life; and creative and subversive ways to waste time at work. These are the subject matter of six work bloggers featured in an ethnographic study by Abigail Schoneboom.
IT specialist and blogger Tim writes about how he keeps a list of jobs that don’t actually exist, in order to impress his boss. “I just make them up then cross lines through them to make it look like I’m good at getting stuff done”.
Despite their criticism of the corporate world, these bloggers are reluctant to ‘attach their creative output to any kind of labour organizing agenda’. They prefer ambiguity over a clear-cut ideological stance.
However, they are not apathetic with regard to social issues. In fact, Schoneboom argues that they are not so different from writers like Charles Dickens. While their ambitions are primarily literary, they also play a role as social critics.
Abigail Schoneboom, paper on work blogging (registration required), Tim’s blog

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Tim said...

Hello. It's more of an act of self-delusion than any attempt to kid the boss.
And - obviously - quite peculiar to see someone writing about my personal defects because they'd read it in an 'ethnographic study.'

Best wishes from Lancashire, England.