Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Court upholds living wage for hotel workers

Last month, a court ruled that Los Angeles can implement a law stipulating that thirteen hotels near LA International Airport (LAX) must pay their staff at least $10.64 per hour. Some 3,500 workers are expected to benefit in the long run. The state minimum wage is $7.50 per hour.
Over one hundred local governments in America have living wage ordinances, but ususally these only apply to government contractors. Businesses, fearing the LA law might set a precedent, spent almost one million dollar on a campaign to block the law. A lobbyist working for the LAX hotels told the LA Times that they are still considering ways to reverse the court ruling.
A spokesperson of LAANE, a progressive think tank supporting the living wage law, said: “We assume there is very little anyone can do to convince hotels that paying workers fairly is the right thing to do, so we have to keep the pressure on”.

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