Tuesday, 26 February 2008

FNV membership up by 9,000

Last year, membership of the unions affiliated to the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV rose by over 9,000 or 0.8%, the FNV announced today. This contrasts with the loss of 14,000 members in 2006. Data on density were not made available.
According to the FNV, the increase can be explained by economic growth, the FNV’s resistance against labour market reforms and a joint recruitment campaign carried out by affiliated unions last fall.
The fastest growing unions are the unions of self-employed workers, which saw their memberships increase by almost twenty percent and now have close to 20,000 members.
Membership in the cleaning sector rose by 4.2% to 13,500. Last year, cleaners ran a successful organising campaign.
Last month, the American Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that union membership had increased by 311,000, the largest increase since 1979.
Photo: FNV chairwoman Agnes Jongerius launches recruitment campaign

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