Monday, 3 March 2008

‘Calling company capitalist does not constitute slander’

Calling the Ixion engineering company capitalist and extortionist does not constitute slander, a Hamburg court made clear last Friday. Further, there would be nothing wrong with Labournet editor Mag Womper calling on employees to report abuses at Ixion, Labournet reports.
Labournet had published complaints of an anonymous employee about how Ixion had deteriorated conditions of employment when the company was not doing well. Ixion said the publication had a negative impact on its reputation among creditors.
Just before the court hearing, Ixion changed its complaint. The court therefore had to postpone its ruling to 2 May. However, it would have made clear that the original complaint would not have stood a chance.
Source: Labournet. Photo: Tom / Indymedia

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