Sunday, 30 March 2008

Union launches social network site

[updated] FNV Bondgenoten has just launched the beta version of Jobcircle, a social networking site that aims to bring young workers into contact with each other and to help them exchange information and experiences. Answers on work and income can be answered through a work wiki, the network or a chat with legal advisors.
“It's not a union, it's a platform”, director Ronald Huizer told the union's magazine for activists. “People can set their own course. Get and bring knowledge. You can get into contact with people who have the same job as you. You can find out more about an employer, for together with the members we are going to collect a lot of information about employers”.
The site will collaborate with FNV Career Advice and offers legal advice. The site further offers a CV manager and a wage calculator. Non-members can register and share knowledge, but they will have to pay if they want to use services such as legal advice. In the future, Jobcircle is to become self-supporting.
Jobcircle is a limited company, with the union as sole shareholder. The union has invested 4 million euro in the project. The union council took the decision to invest in Jobcircle with a very small majority. It is a new concept which is difficult to explain to people, Huizer explained. “I'm curious what union council members will think of it now there is actually something to see”.
Source: BK. Jobcircle

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