Friday, 18 April 2008

Controversy over SEIU course

At the SEIU convention in June in Puerto Rico, a twenty-year plan will be discussed that will shift money and power from local branches to the central organisation. Other proposals include expanding initiatives to challenge private equity firms, recruiting more member-organisers and temporary organisers from social justice movements, expanding global organising and committing more to political work, writes David Moberg of In These Times.
Meanwhile, Sal Roselli, president of a California local, says the SEIU is growing at the expense of workers’ power. He argues for more democratic decision-making and worker militancy. Roselli’s local is said to be the most successful one of the SEIU, having added 65,000 members between 2001 and 2006.
Roselli’s critics say he is too narrowly focussed on the interests of his local.
Roselli distanced himself from the California Nurses Association (CNA), on organisation that has voiced similar criticism of the SEIU as Roselli. Last weekend, hundreds of SEIU members disrupted a conference at which the director of the CNA was to speak.
Roselli, CNA

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