Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Germany: six million potential members

German unions run the risk of losing 24% of their members, but may also be possible to organise six million new members, among them many young women, part-time workers and workers with precarious jobs. This is the outcome of a survey among 5,000 workers commissioned by German trade union federation DGB.
About one in four members is dissatisfied with the union and might leave. They think that unions are not sufficiently aware of what goes on at the workplace; that they do not do enough to protect jobs and represent the interests of workers and that communication needs improvement.
On the other hand, over six million non-members have a positive attitude towards unions. According to DGB Chairman Michael Sommer (photo), the reason they have not joined yet is that there is no union representation at their workplace. He says the survey shows that unions are doing the right thing by strengthening their workplace presence.
Source: Labournet.de

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