Sunday, 11 May 2008

Leadership from the heart

Former Vice President of In Flight Services Sharon Wibben looks intensely into the camera. “I owe that to you. It’s called leadership from the heart. From my heart”.
Indeed, Wibben only wants the best for her employees. But she has to warn them: “Take the time to consider the important decision you’re about the make for your future, your career, and your company. [...] A union in In Flight Services would affect the relationship we currently have. Beacuse someone would be between us”.
Meanwhile, flight attendants ask themselves why Delta is spending so much on an anti-union campaign when it denied them a promised raise. They compiled a video to expose Delta’s propaganda.
A majority of flight attendants want to be in a union, but Delta has launched an aggressive anti-union campaign, involving mandatory staff meetings in movie theatres, spreading misinformation and the occasional illegal activity.

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