Friday, 30 May 2008

No more Marx for students’ union

In the past, the 25-year old Dutch students’ union LSVb used to be an activist political organisation. Today, its main ambition is to provide its members with cheap insurance and laptops.
Mariëtte Hamer, the first chair of the LSVb and today the party leader of the social-democrat party, told de Volkskrant: “If there was a demonstration for something, we would be asked to sign the list of demands. We often did so”.
Current chair Lisa Westerveld (photo) has a different view of the organisation. She experienced mild disgust when she came across the archives of the Nijmegen affiliate last year: “Texts on Marx. On the feminist working group. Actions, demonstrations, riots, squatting. And a letter to the Pakistani government addressing the country’s education policy”.
Source: de Volkskrant (in Dutch). Photo LSVb

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Phil BC said...

Funny, you could be quite easily be describing students' unions here in the UK ...