Thursday, 1 May 2008

Wage Indicator starts Work Indicator site

[Contribution by Fons Tuinstra] - FNV chairperson and ITUC-vice chair Agnes Jongerius launched on April 16 a new website, the WorkIndicators at the Global Wage Indicator Conference in Amsterdam, comparing key labor conditions between countries, like minimum wages, the employment rate, the gender gap and many more. The site now allows detailed comparison between 75 countries, but will expand very soon to to 25 indicators for 175 countries. "The figures were already available," says director Paulien Osse (photo) of the Wage Indicator Foundation, "but then you had to go through a set of different websites and documentation, like those of the IMF, the World Bank, Eurostat and many more national websites. This is the first website that brings key labour market indicators of different countries together and let you compare them with one click."
The WorkIndicators website was launched at the Global Wage Indicator Conference where 80 top-scientists, journalists and trade union people discussed the progress of the Wage Indicator project. The project covers now 35 countries, 25 of whom will have a salary check online by July, including China. "That means were are halfway our official target of 75 countries," said Jongerius, who is also chairing the supervisory board of the Wage Indicator Foundation.
One of the speakers urging the Wage Indicator Foundation to increase its effort to enhance transparency on the labor market was Manuela Tomei of the ILO. "We have no clue what is happening in many sectors," she said. She feared inflation was increasing polarisation and ideological debates and called for a move away from ideology, trying to get facts in its place. "Both workers and employers want to have more information on the rising labor costs”. WageIndicator data can give insight, she says.
Photo from China Herald website

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