Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cleaners offer Center Parks new brain

After some pulling and pushing, cleaners yesterday presented a new brain to the director of Center Parks because of abuses at the German cleaning company Menke, which works for Center Parks (a company that operates recreation parks).
Menke has been causing serious unrest and problems for six months. A large number of workers are underpaid, receive inadequate allowances and no pension. Others are missing out on hundreds of euros in travel allowances. Menke further openly intimidates its cleaners. Two union members have even been fired.
In addition, the German cleaners are consciously treated worse than the Dutch. They receive lower wages, no holiday and travel allowances and no pension contributions are made for them.
“If you have allowed the abuses at Menke to go on for six months, then you can use a new brain and we’ll bring it to you”, cleaner Sonja Kippes commented on Center Parks’ attitude. The brain was offal from a slaughterhouse.
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