Saturday, 30 August 2008

Owner tells Center Parcs to negotiate with cleaners

A delegation of cleaners has urged Center Parcs owner Pierre & Vacances to interfere in the conflict with Menke, the German company hired by Center Parcs to clean one of its holiday parks. The cleaners - members of Dutch union FNV Bondgenoten and German IG Bau - received support from French union CFDT and Uni Global Union. The cleaners demand equal treatment of German and Dutch workers and an end to the intimidation of union activists.
“If you frustrate the right to organise, human rights are being trampled”, said Ron Meyer of FNV Bondgenoten. “We are pleased that Pierre & Vacances received us well and that they immediately promised to arrange a meeting. It is very important to us that they promised that the Center Parcs management will be present at that meeting. Center Parcs has to be involved in order to solve this conflict. We have no faith in Menke anymore after all the engagements they have broken, but our faith in Center Parcs has been restored to some extent now”.
Cleaners have been protesting for eight months against unequal treatment, underpayment and initimidation by Menke. They say Center Parcs must take responsibility for the abuses taking place at its holiday park.
Source: FNV Bondgenoten. Send a solidarity e-card here

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