Monday, 6 October 2008

Union blogs

In his newsletter, Labourstart’s Eric Lee points to two interesting new union blogs. One is a blog launched by the British confederation TUC, at which staff write ‘about policy issues that are in the news, or ought to be’. The second is a miniblog for mobile phones launched by the South African confederation COSATU. “This is particularly important in a region of the world where the number of cellphone users is far greater than those who own or use computers”, Lee explains.
Meanwhile, in an article on his own website, Lee once more points out that unions should be careful not to become too dependent on free web services such as YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.


jwood said...

Thanks for the mention Dirk! We've been sure to mention Union Renewal as a good blogroll link for our readers too - Keep up the good work! Best wishes, John

Dirkk said...

Thanks, John! I like your policy blog a lot and I think we should start something similar here in the Netherlands!