Friday, 28 November 2008

FNV launches leadership programme for ethnic minority women

Starting in February 2009, the FNV will train 25 ethnic minority ‘top women’ for executive positions on the boards of affiliated unions. During the ten month programme, the participants will do a work placement at one of the unions.
FNV President Agnes Jongerius: “In my view, the time is more than ripe for ethnic minority women to reach higher executive positions within the FNV [...] Therefore, I’m pleased that the FNV Women’s Union has launched a leadership programme for talented ethnic minority women”.
Jongerius says that the position of women has improved since the day when she started her career in the labour movement. “I was hired as a union official by the FNV Transportation Union, because it had become clear that something had to be done about the male-dominated culture and that innovation was needed. I have no problem whatsoever with being a product of the union’s positive action policy for women”. By now, it has become normal for women to be represented on the boards of the largest unions.
The programme for ethnic minority women is an initiative of the FNV Women’s Union in collaboration with other unions, the confederation, the Forum multicultural institute and training institute ROI.

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