Friday, 5 December 2008

Teamsters support Dutch union: No public assistance for Aegon

American and Dutch dockworkers plan to launch a campaign against Aegon subsidiary Transamerica. According to Dutch union FNV Bondgenoten, Aegon is appropriating 1.7 billion euro in dockworkers’ and employers’ pension contributions.
“We are thinking of an information campaign in America in January”, Niek Stam of FNV Bondgenoten told newspaper AD. “No strikes, but picket lines in New York or San Francisco”.
Aegon is vulnerable, since it has requested financial support from the American government. Last week, Carin Zelenko of the Teamsters told TV show EenVandaag: “Companies that are engaging in anti-social behaviour should not receive public assistance”. She expected that the new government and Congress will be open to that suggestion.
AD, EenVandaag. Image: police trying to cross a Teamsters picket line in San Francisco, 1934 (source)

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