Friday, 23 January 2009

Cleaners dismiss their boss

After a sustained cleaners’ campaign, recreation parc Center Parks has announced that it has terminated its contract with the controversial cleaning company Menke. “This demonstrates the power of organised cleaners! If you ‘fight’, you can even dismiss your own boss!”, Ron Meyer of FNV Bondgenoten said.
Among other things, Menke paid its German cleaners less than the Dutch ones and intimidated campaigning cleaners. Last year, FNV Bondgenoten reached an agreement with Center Parcs, but problems persisted. Now the union demands that cleaners get a say in the selection of the new cleaning company.
The actions at Center Parcs are part of a broader campaign in the cleaning sector, which is being waged in collaboration with unions abroad. Last year, cleaners successfully campaigned for a better collective agreement. Last Monday, a new campaign was launched by cleaners at Schiphol Airport, where half the cleaners are now members of FNV Bondgenoten.
Source/photo: FNV Bondgenoten

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