Monday, 2 February 2009

Collective agreement for Polish workers ‘discriminatory’

Union FNV Bondgenoten has announced that it will take legal steps against a collective agreement between the Internetvakbond (Internet Trade Union) and the VIA, a collective of temp agencies that specialise in immigrant workers. Union official Marcel Nuyten called the agreement ‘discriminatory’. “Polish workers will get about 10% less than they would according to other agreements. I think this is an outrage. Especially now, with tens of thousands of agency workers having lost their jobs due to the economic crisis, one shouldn’t compete on price”.
Temp agency Otto, Dutch market leader in Eastern European workers, told newspaper Financieele Dagblad that it quit VIA a few years ago because its members “earn money at the expense of Polish temp workers”.
The Internetvakbond has been founded by de Unie, a union of professionals. Members pay an annual subscription of ten euro and pay another ten euro for each question they want to ask the union’s legal experts.
Source: Financieele Dagblad

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