Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Court: cleaning companies should come up with better offer

Last night, the Utrecht Court has called on six cleaning companies to come up with a better offer for the cleaners who work at Schiphol Airport before Monday 12.00 o’clock, Ron Meyer of FNV Bondgenoten has announced. The cleaners have postponed the strike they had planned for today.
The cleaners have been campaigning for months for steady jobs, travel expenses and respect. Today, six hundred of the one thousand cleaners at Schiphol were to go on strike.
The cleaning companies went to court to have the strike banned. They argue that cleaners should not aks for better labour conditions because this would compromise the ‘resilience’ of the cleaning companies in the face of the crisis. Also, they claim that they are defending the interests of the cleaners in the negotiations with Schiphol.
Earlier, cleaner Judy Lock responded to the cleaning companies and Schiphol: “We are not demanding ridiculous bonuses. We ask for little: respect, appreciation and a compensation that will allow us to support our families. And even that’s asking too much in the eyes of Schiphol and the cleaning companies. Let’s see what happens if we stop cleaning. Perhaps we will be taken seriously then!”
Photo: Gonca Akyar

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