Saturday, 4 April 2009

FNV polls local population on social policies

Last Saturday, volunteers of FNV Lokaal have asked neighbourhood residents in dozens of cities across the Netherlands which social issues the municipality should deal with. The results will be published by the end of April. The survey marks the start of FNV Lokaal’s campaign for the municipal elections in March 2010. That might seem not very soon, but many parties are already preparing their election platforms.
FNV Board Member Leo Hartveld hit the streets with members of FNV Lokaal Rotterdam. “I would like to compliment the many volunteers who, despite the foul weather, went out all day to administer questionnaires”, Hartveld said. “I’m convinced that political parties will take advantage of this and make sure that the social issues that matter to people will be given a prominent place in their election platforms”.
The survey was mainly used to ask average people for their opinion: employees, entrepreneurs, welfare recipients, housewives and students. They responded with enthusiasm to the initiative. “Well done”, a respondent said. “Now let’s hope that many people across the country participate in this survey, in order to have municipalities in the Netherlands and all political parties listen to the opinion of the citizens of the Netherlands. Especially during this recession that’s scourging the Netherlands”.
During the coming year, the FNV will organise various activities in order to put social issues on the agenda of the municipal elections. For example, a large comparative study of municipal social policies will be conducted by the end of this year. Citizens will then know how well their city administration performs on these issues.
Photo: Henk Mohr

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