Thursday, 30 July 2009

Take the TUC 60 Second Challenge

Video sharing has become one of the most exciting parts of Internet culture. Trade unions have been quick to get involved. Sending out videos through YouTube, social networking sites, virals and blogs, unions have been able to get their campaign and organising messages out to tens of thousands of people.
To take this further the TUC have launched the ‘TUC 60 Second Challenge’. This is a fun competition open to everyone and anyone who wants to make a short video advert (no longer than 60 seconds) that promotes the role trade unions play in the world today.
We’re not looking for the next Spielberg. Fresh and creative ideas that are well presented are what matters both. Telling the trade union story and making an impact on YouTube means far more than any previous experience you may have.
There are 3 prizes to be won to the value of £250 each and the winning video will be broadcast at TUC Congress.
To find out more go to: or sample more videos go to, for some more great ideas
Welcome to the 60 Second Challenge, we can’t wait to see your videos.
Closing date GMT 12pm 17TH August 2009 Send you video to

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