Friday, 5 March 2010

Unions more critical of Obama

While American unions appreciate the difficult situation Barack Obama is in, they are growing more critical of his policies and demand more jobs, tax reform and more union-friendly legislation, writes David Moberg in an article in In these times.
At a union meeting, Vice-President Joe Biden tried to iron out differences: “You have a hard time explaining why the guys you elected haven’t been able to do more....What’s happening? A year later and I don’t have a job....We get it. We get the fact that you guys are under a lot of pressure, too.” However, he reportedly evaded questions from the audience about specific policy initiatives.
On 15 March, union federation AFL-CIO will launch a week of protests for social reforms. As yet, President Richard Trumka declined to criticise the Obama government. However, a historian argued that in the past, union and social movements had succeeded most with Democratic administrations by being ‘troublesome and unreliable allies’.
Image: Trumka wearing his ‘Rich Trumka for Obama’ button, during Obama’s election campaign. Photo: AFL-CIO.


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