Thursday, 13 May 2010

Union encourages use of social media

[By Juhani Artto] - SAK, the largest union confederation in Finland, is encouraging its employees to avail of the opportunity to employ social media in their work. “Participation (in social media) is desirable but not obligatory”, the SAK guidelines outline. 
Employees may decide themselves on participation and on their own net identity. When commenting on issues, related to one’s tasks at SAK, the individual has to use his or her own name and treat other discussion participants respectfully. 
 “Be active, open-minded and polite. Listen and try to understand other people.”

“If you notice you have made a mistake, try to be the first to correct it. Openness is rewarding.”

The guidelines urge those that take up the challenge to remember that anything written by a SAK employee may be interpreted as SAK’s official position. “Therefore, for example in a blog on work-related issues, it is advisable to set limits to responsibility in this way: The opinions on this site are personal and do not necessarily represent or reflect SAK’s official position.”
“Our goal was to create guidelines that primarily encourage our employees to share their own expertise and experience and above all to participate in social discourse”, says Eija Hietanen, the Development Director at SAK. The guidelines are based on the results of recent workshops, which had been organised for employees.


妍慧 said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

Walton said...

This is interesting.

I am doing some research on how trade union activists use social media to organise, which I will publish on my site,

I am also conducting a survey to find out what technologies union activists are using: if you are a trade union activist, please fill in the survey and ask your colleagues to do the same. Results will be shared anonymously

Karen said...
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