Friday, 1 October 2010

Taking on the Tea Party

Tomorrow, American unions and civil rights organisations are organising a rally that is to be an answer to the Tea Party as well as motivate activists to mobilise voters for the November mid-term election. “Are there more of us than there are of the Tea Party?” asks Labor Notes.
In a background article, Jane Slaughter and Mark Brenner express some respect for the Tea Party Movement. “Although big money fuels the Tea Party, from billionaire libertarians to FOX News, it’s not simply a front for big business. Its lack of structure allows political greenhorns to take the ball and run with it, creating groups that are locally owned, act independently, and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo—even if their ideas about what’s off-track and how to solve it are wrong.”
They say unions should have done more to educate their members and Obama should have done more to address workers’ issues.
Photo CC Bonzo McGrue

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