Sunday, 23 January 2011

Twitter mobilisation against tax dodgers

On Sunday 30 January, UK Uncut will hit the streets in over 50 towns and cities to protest against corporate tax dodging. The organisation claims that rich corporations and individuals shirk £25 billion of tax every year. “The government insists that drastic public spending cuts and a hike to VAT are essential. They claim that we’re all in this together. But both the cuts and the VAT increase will hit the poor and most vulnerable hardest, whilst the richest in our society dodge tax with virtual impunity.”
The organisation has launched an online campaign to produce ideas for actions and mobilise support, as well as running non-violent direct action training sessions. One of the ideas is to clear products of tax dodgers off the supermarket shelves and make sure that those products stay off the shelves for as long as possible.
Targets include Dutch beer brand Gross and Johnnie Walker, which according to the Guardian has moved its parent company to Amsterdam to benefit from the lenient Dutch corporate tax climate. (Via the Guardian)

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