Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Union: Don’t make illegal residence punishable

Churches, trade unions, municipalities and refugee organisations in the Netherlands protest against a proposal to make illegal residence punishable. Among the critics is the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV: “Fighting exploitation of illegal workers will become much more difficult if every undocumented worker who files a complaint is locked up. Shady businesses will abuse the situation through underpayment, exploitation and unsafe work. Calling the labour inspectorate will result in a fine at most for the employer, but the immigrant will get a criminal record and may be evicted. This will cause unfair competition for companies that do play by the rules.”
The confederation will disregard a possible ban on assisting undocumented workers who stand up for their rights regarding work and income. Catelene Passchier, member of the board of the FNV: “As a union, we don’t ask anyone for their passport. We’re not the customs. We’re an independent organisation that stands up for the hard working, colourful Netherlands. We welcome anyone who works.”

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