Sunday, 17 April 2011

US: 44,000 airport screeners may join union

American public service unions may be under attack, but it is expected that 44,000 airport screeners will join a union by next Tuesday in what is the largest unionisation effort of federal workers in American history, the New York Times reports. Until recently, they were legally barred from joining a union and some still consider any demands they might have ‘a distraction from what they should be focussing on’.
Since February, screeners have the right to unionise, although there are severe limitations. They are still not allowed to bargain over wages and to strike or engage in a slowdown.
Despite these limitations, screeners appear eager to join a union. They want to be treated in a more transparent and respectful way.

UPDATE – Workers have voted for union representation, but a second election will have to be held to decide which union will represent them.

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