Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Walking tour to locate the money

Next Saturday, the organisation Doorbraak will organise a walking tour in the city of Leyden as part of the ‘Where is it? Here it is!’ campaign. During the tour, ten locations will be visited that symbolise wealth in the Netherlands. Think of a bank. At each location, a representative of Doorbraak will explain what it stands for: how much money does it represent? Which regulations benefit the owner? And what impact do these regulations have on the less fortunate?
With the campaign, Doorbraak wants to draw attention to the rich part of the Netherlands:

“That part could very well and very easily pay for the budget deficit, if only there was the political will. For there is plenty of money, but one has to go and get it where it is. But the current government, the most right wing ever, lacks the political will entirely. By diverting attention from the poor parts of society to the very richest, we hope to demonstrate that there’s no need whatsoever to cut all kinds of basic services.”

It is as yet unknown whether there will also be walking tours in other cities where Doorbraak operates.

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