Wednesday, 12 October 2011

‘Occupy movement opportunity for union movement’

Dutch union leaders Agnes Jongerius and Henk van der Kolk should participate in next Saturday’s
Occupy Amsterdam action at Beursplein, editor Peter de Waard argues in an op ed article in the Volkskrant. The union movement could win back some of its ideological involvement by joining the youth who protest against inequality and the role of banks in the current crisis.
“The demands of the Occupy-movement are vague. But the same applied to the students in May 1968. Then, unions in Paris immediately joined the student uprising and responded perfectly to the new zeitgeist”, De Waard argues.

UPDATE - this afternoon, Henk van der Kolk, president of the largest Dutch union FNV Bondgenoten, posted a blog calling on everybody to joing Saturday's protests in Amsterdam and The Hague.

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