Saturday, 29 October 2011

‘Occupy the union movement’

In Toronto, hundreds of union members joined occupy in a protest snarling traffic in the financial district. In New York, hundreds of occupiers joined communications union CWA in a protest against Verizon. President Tom McNulty of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 joined other union leaders in expressing support for the occupy movement. “The protestors’ rightful exercise of their constitutionally-protected freedom of speech and assembly must not be violated by what appear to be increasingly aggressive efforts by elected officials to arrest and silence them.”
While the union movement and the occupy movement continue to collaborate, there is also debate about what the relationship should be like. In the Netherlands, there has been a call to side with striking cleaners and ‘occupy the union movement’. Carl Roper of the TUC argues that the union movement should not ‘kill [occupy] with kindness’ nor engage in self-loathing. “Our job, now increasingly working with the ‘Occupy’ protests and others is to turn the anger into hope and then effective and decisive action.” (Thanks Kees, Ben)
Photo CC David Shankbone

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