Friday, 4 November 2011

One year of actions against corporate tax dodgers

It started one year ago ‘as an idea and a hashtag’; since it has grown into a large-scale civil disobedience campaign against corporate tax dodgers in the UK - and in the US. The idea of the UK Uncut campaign is that corporations should not be allowed to dodge taxes, especially not at a time when public services are facing deep cuts. In some respects, Uncut can be seen as a precursor of the Occupy movement.
UK Uncut has posted an overview of its first year on its website. In February, for example ‘we set up crèches, laundries, school class rooms, libraries, homeless shelters, drama club, walk-in clinics, youth centre, job centres, and leisure centres in banks across the country. We had a simple message: it’s their crisis, they should pay for it’. PR experts discussed how companies should respond if they are targeted by UK Uncut protest (“Acknowledge the complexity of the issues, avoid any arrogance or frustration, and employ some humility if appropriate, without caving into unreasonable demands”).

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