Friday, 9 December 2011

British union to organise local communities

British union Unite has launched a new community membership open to the unemployed, students and others not in work. “For just 50p per week, community members will have access to financial and legal expertise, as well as the support of up to one and a half million fellow members when standing up for their local services.”

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Anne-Catherine said...

Dear Dirk and Tonny,

I'm working as a journalist for the ITUC and I'm writing a kind of report about young people situation in Europe so I'm looking for information about the current situation in every European countries.

So I'd like to know if I can send you a few questions by email about youth unemployment and its consequences, precarious jobs, the main actions of your union for young people, etc? I really need testimonies from everywhere in Europe and I need some young people to tell me about their concrete life, their concrete issues at the moment... Also if you know any young Dutch who is living a bad situation (bad job, no job, risk of poverty, etc.) because of the crisis, would it be possible for you to put me in contact with him/her? It's really important for me to write about what trade unions do but also what young people live...

If you're happy to help me, you can reply on my email address:

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,