Friday, 17 February 2012

New Dutch union organisation to be launched 23 June

On 1 May, a proposal for a new union organisation tentatively called De Nieuwe Vakbeweging (The New Union Movement, DNV) will be presented. The DNV is to be formally launched on a congress on 23 June. This has been announced by a group of ‘trailblazers’ appointed to prepare the launch of the new organisation. The organisation should become the new home to the currently FNV-affiliated unions and may also welcome other organisations.
The short deadline might suggest that it has been settled what the new organisation will more or less look like, but the opposite is true. In addition to a large number of technical issues, there are varying views on whether the DNV should be an activist organisation aiming to mobilise and empower workers, or whether it should focus on social dialogue and providing services.
The ‘trailblazers’ have prepared a document containing 22 questions regarding the goals of the new organisation, the degree of autonomy for affiliated unions, terms of membership for individuals and organisations, and democratic procedures. One of the hurdles to be taken is that large unions are expected to split into smaller industry- or profession-based unions before joining the DNV.
The decision to create the DNV on 23 June will include a decision on its identity, ‘brand policy’, first budget and first chairman. Unions that approve the creation of the DNV can still formally decide not to join the new organisation themselves, but they are expected to commit to a time schedule for joining.
Trailblazers’ website. Background information

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