Saturday, 31 March 2012

Complaints against anti-cuts ad dismissed

The Dutch Advertising Code Committee has dismissed all complaints against a TV commercial of the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV criticizing government plans to cut an employment programme for disabled persons. The committee described the complaints as follows:

In this TV commercial, a few disabled persons express their concerns over, in brief, budget cuts planned by the Cabinet. Images of a laughing PM Rutte and a few laughing members of Cabinet have been edited in between the images. Basically, the complaints boil down to the assertion that the commercial defies good taste and decency, since it shows PM Rutte and the members of Cabinet apparently laughing at the concerns that are expressed.

Board Member Leo Hartveld of the FNV said he is pleased with the ruling:

With this ruling, we can continue to call attention to the social relevance of our action. And that is urgent, for if the new legislation is enacted hundreds of thousands of people will fall into poverty.

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