Saturday, 7 April 2012

1 May code red

On Facebook, an initiative has been launched for actions for income security on 1 May under the heading code red. The actions are a protest against the crisis policies of the current government:

By the end of April, the “Wise men from the Catshuis” will present their destruction lists in Brussels. Unfortunately, we can guess what that means: a new attack on income security! For years, privatisations, making the labour market more flexible and the free market system have been presented as a cure-all. In that tradition, the Wientjes Cabinet [Wientjes = the president of the employers’ organisation] now present drastically cutting our protection against dismissal and unemployment as progress. That’s a bad joke at the expense of us and society. One cut in social services is added to another cut in our social safety net. Meanwhile, the costs of living keep rising. And the government opposes wage increases to keep up with rising prices. This is not a solution, but deepening our crisis.

Participants are called on to wear something red on 1 May and to make a lot of noise at 11:55. This page (in Dutch) explains how you can participate and how you can submit your own actions.

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