Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Dutch want a strong union movement that promotes solidarity

The Dutch want a strong union movement that stands for a ‘just society’ and ‘strength in unity’. That is the view of both members of FNV affiliated unions and people who are not union members, according to a large survey commissioned by the ‘trailblazers’ who are preparing the launch of a new union movement.

People who are members of a trade union say the most important reason is that this is a way to strengthen your position vis-à-vis the employer and that you achieve more together than on your own. Also, they want to be able to turn to the union for support and protection when necessary. Few respondents say they are members because of discounts on products offered by third parties. Half of both the members and the non-members even indicate they do not necessarily expect to benefit personally from their union membership: they have joined (or would consider doing so) just because they support the idea of trade unionism.

When it regards the way in which the union movement should achieve its goals, members have the following priorities: increase the visibility of the union movement, stand up for vulnerable groups and promote solidarity. Non-members think supporting the vulnerable is most important. In addition, they think unions should spend less time in meetings and focus more on getting things done. The most important issues both members and non-members want to associate the new union movement with are a ‘just society’ and ‘strength in unity’.

Three in ten non-members say they will probably join a union in the future.

Find the report (in Dutch) here

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