Friday, 30 November 2012

Protest at Millionaire Fair

Various organisations will stage a protest on 6 December at the Millionaire Fair. Guus Duppen, chairman of the Amsterdam branch of public sector union Abvakabo FNV:

The real inequality in the Netherlands isn’t in wages, but in wealth. While the 99 percent of the Dutch are told ‘we need to cut costs’, the 1 percent is only getting richer. Therefore, show the protestors you agree with their demands.

In addition to Abvakabo FNV, the following organitions support the protest: Bijstandsbond, Borderless, Campagne Haal Het Geld Waar Het Zit, Grenzeloos, FNV vecht voor je recht, DIDF, Internationale Socialisten, Komitee Marokkaanse Arbeiders Amsterdam, KMAN, Kritische Studenten Utrecht, Platform verontruste ouders, ROOD Amsterdam, Steuncomité Sociale Strijd, Vrouwen in de bijstand and other activists.

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