Friday, 14 December 2012

After fastfood workers and car washers, security guards stand up for rights

Security staff at JFK International Airport have voted to go on strike on 20 December (background). Security officer Prince Jackson said he would prefer not to strike but their employer Air Serv leaves them no choice:
“We are speaking out because we are not provided the basic tools we need to keep passengers at the airport safe. Our backs are against the wall because Air Serv tells us to shut up. Don’t talk about how bad things are. Even to our coworkers.”
The airport workers have the support of various elected officials and community organisations. Their actions were preceded by actions of other low-wage workers, including fastfood workers, car washers and supermarket staff. Earlier this month, the New York Times published an extensive analysis of the rise of the ‘McJobs’ and how unions are forging alliances to support low-wage workers who stand up for better conditions.

Support the airport workers here.

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