Friday, 18 January 2013

Campaigning online and winning

LabourStart has compiled a booklet documenting a number of the international online campaigns it has launched over the past 15 years to support union struggles across the world. The book not only shows the diversity of its campaigns but also provides insight into how they are run, including the care that is taken to make sure that the information in messages is correct so as to avoid legal problems. Despite these efforts, the LabourStart has been taken down on one occasion after a complaint from the targeted employer. However, a new campaign was launched to protest against the ISP’s decision to take the site down and the ISP admitted the decision had been wrong. The authors of the book conclude that online campaigns are a valuable tool to show international solidarity, yet the most powerful online campagins are the ones that are accompanied by a lively campaign on the ground. Eric Lee and Edd Mustill, Campaigning Online and Winning. Pulished by LabourStart

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