Sunday, 10 February 2013

Workers dissatisfied? Call security

Employees of the Amsta nursing home in Amsterdam are protesting because they are concerned that money intended for better care is in fact spent on management. Rather than meet with the employees, the Amsta management put security guards at the door who have to write down the passport number of anyone who wants to enter the building. Trade union Abvakabo FNV:
The costs may well amount to 30,000 euros for this week. Employees perceive the security guards as intimidating. In addition, employees are offended by a statement made by Amsta today that the money spent on security will be deducted entirely from the care budget.
One wonders whether this is merely an incident. Last week, the Security Management Survey 2012/2013 (summary) reported that ‘industrial unrest’ has entered the top 10 of security incidents for the first time, at number 8, and it also entered the top 10 of security risks for the first time. Apparently, Dutch employers increasingly consider dissatisfied employees a problem to be dealt with by calling security.

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