Monday, 22 July 2013

International coalition wants decent work for interns

Interns in the US have had some successes in court fighting against the abuse of unpaid work. In addition, there are some initiatives to organise interns, partly along the lines of previous efforts among fastfood workers and other groups:
[The Fair Pay Campaign] plans to hire professional organizers to galvanize interns in hubs like New York and Los Angeles […] And Intern Labor Rights, a New York-based group formed out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is forming a coalition with like-minded groups in Canada, Britain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. In all of those countries, campaigns to make internships fairer are also under way.
Their position:
Unless it’s a bona fide training or volunteer position, an internship should be paid, open to all and transparently advertised — and should never result in the displacement of other employees.
Source: New York Times

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