Thursday, 5 December 2013

Incheon Airport should respect subcontracted workers’ rights

Incheon Airport, one of the largest airports of Asia, was recently granted the ‘Airport of the Year Award’ by the CAPA Center for Aviation. This achievement stands in stark contrast with the treatment of workers, trade union KPTU warns:

The Incheon International Airport Corporation boasts about these awards in the media and on signs posted throughout the airport. This glittering image, however, only thinly masks a dark reality: Some 6,000 subcontracted workers work long, backbreaking hours to keep the airport sparkling clean and running smoothly. Their low wages translate into the the profits the Airport Corporation records.

It took a strike of airport workers in November to get the airport to acknowledge its responsibility for decent working conditions for subcontracted workers. However, it has failed to come up with any proposals since. The workers indicate this leaves them no choice but to go on strike again and assert that December 2013 will be remembered as ‘the moment at which we claimed our dignity’.

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