Sunday, 30 March 2014

Belgian solidarity for Dutch striking airport workers

Belgian transportation unions affiliated to ACV and ABVV have offered their solidarity and support to workers of Aviapartner Cargo at Schiphol Airport who are on strike. On Thursday, a delegation of Aviapartner Belgium workers joined an action in Brussels of their Dutch co-workers. They came to meet with ceo Laurent Levaux, but he hid behind local management.

On 18 March, the cargo handlers went on strike. They have had no wage increase for years and they even temporarily relinquished their reduced working hours to help the company survivie the crisis. With air cargo picking up – in February, Schiphol reported 8.7% growth relative to the previous year – they want to return to a normal contract.

Aviapartner is owned by ceo Levaux and the UK venture capitalist 3i, which recently reported a 175m GBP return. Levaux and 3i have built a reputation by restructuring companies and then selling them at a considerable profit.

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