Monday, 6 October 2014

Google to take security guards inhouse

Google plans to hire more than 200 security officers as its own employees rather than through an outside contractor. They will get the same benefits as Google staff.

The move comes after a series of actions by trade union SEIU urging Google to take repsonsibility for working conditions and organizing rights of the security guards working at its offices. This summer, a report revealed that local security guards earn $14 per hour, compared to a median wage of $63 per hour for software developers.

Google says the protests didn’t influence its decision to insource security. A spokesperson told WSJ they are ‘excited’ to insource the security services. WSJ says that Google’s move may well have an impact on other companies like Apple and Facebook. Apple is currently using the same security firm as Google and faced a protest at its Apple Store in San Francisco in August, resulting in 12 arrests. Silicon Valley tech companies are under increasing scrutiny over the working conditions and pay of outsourced staff.

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