Sunday, 23 November 2014

LA: Map shows which neighbourhoods will benefit from hotel workers’ pay rise

Steven Greenhouse of the NYT has written an extensive analysis of the campaign that resulted in a $15.37 minimum wage for hotel workers in Los Angeles. As part of the campaign, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (Laane), a pioneering coalition that campaigns for social justice, has created a map of LA that shows where hotel workers live and how much they would benefit from a $15.37 minimum wage in the sector. The map also shows the total economic benefit the measure would bring to these neighbourhoods.

While the Chamber of Commerce opposed the minimum wage rise, Laane demonstrated that many business owners disagreed. Volunteers knocked on the doors of small businesses to seek their support. 750 small-business owners signed a petition for the higher wage and hundreds placed “Raise L.A.” stickers in their windows.

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